Totara vs Moodle

System Roles

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Inbuilt user roles for admin, tutor, learner
Inbuilt user roles for manager, regional manager and assessor

Competencies and Organisational Roles

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Ability to customise roles and permissions
Create organisational roles and hierarchies
Create competency frameworks
Map organisational roles to competencies
Map users to organisation roles
Map learning content to competencies
Submission of competency evidence
Automatic evaluation of competencies

Individual Learning Plan

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
View record of learning
View submissions, feedback and grades
View progress through a learning plan
Personal learning objectives
Set priorities and due dates for courses

Program Management

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Group and sequence sets of courses
Create recurring courses
Automatic enrolment in courses


Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Sophisticated and flexible site-wide report builder
Ability to build custom reports
Scheduled report management
Export to a variety of formats
Report dashboards for Learners and Managers


Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Time-based events
Integrate with MS Outlook or iCal
Calendar of face-to-face training

Content Management

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
User profiles
User generated content to read (blogs, wikis, forums)
Resources (links, documents, files)
SCORM 1.2 compliant

User Management

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
User profiles
Profile field customisation
Bulk Processes
Synchronise position & organisation hierarchies and manager relationships with external HR systems
Manually assign users to an organisational role and team

Course Enrolment

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Manually assign users to courses
User course enrolment requests
Automatically assign users to multiple courses in programs of learning
Add cohorts of users to courses
Audience management with dynamic cohorts

Messaging and Notifications

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
User messaging
RSS Feeds
Comment on learning plans and items for learner and manager

Learning Types and Delivery

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Collaborative and social learning (wikis, blogs, forums)
Blended learning - mix eLearning (online) and face to face activity (offline)
Synchronous and asynchronous activities
Individual learning plans
Program Management

Course Management

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Activity completion
Course completion
Locking and hiding of activities
Course certification
Reminders based on Course and Activity Completion
Course and category icons

Activity Types

Moodle 2.2Totara 2.2
Individual assignments
Collaborative assignments
Quizzes and tests
File and document submissions
User surveys
Face-to-face training

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